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Use Games/Contests to Engage Customers, Boost Sales and Prosper!

How does it work?


Choose a fun mobile campaign template from a wide variety of templates in our library.


Customize the campaign to fit your brand and your needs. Add your own rewards.


Publish your campaign and easily integrate with any kind of media - Print, Radio, TV, Cinema or Out-of-Home

Product Features


Choose from our wide library of game and contest templates. All are easy to use and proven to be effective.


Offer rewards to your loyal and engaged customers. Make them to come back for more.


We make m-commerce fun ( fun-commerce). Consumers love to buy when there is an element of play.


We have APIs for integrating games/contests into your mobile applications,if you have any.

Rich Analytics

Use your time for generating new ideas for your startup. Take a break from the routine.

Powerful CRM

Use our CRM to understand your customers better and reach out to them in effective ways.

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